Kill Team: Pariah Nexus

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In the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, specially selected bands of elite combat operatives hunt each other through a twisting alien tomb...

Kill Team: Pariah Nexus is an expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. It adds new warriors, environments, and killzones to the game, as well as new Tactics and an update to the Ultra-close Confines rules. New missions are included that allow players to recreate desperate clashes in the labyrinthine domain of a Necron tomb. Inside you will also find background on the noble Space Marines and sinister Necrons, as well as a showcase of expertly painted Citadel miniatures.

Box Contents

  • 112 page Kill Team: Pariah Nexus book
  • 22" x 30" double-sided gameboard
  • Pariah Nexus scenery
  • Two sets of 17 objective cards
  • Ultramarines Infantry transfer sheet
  • 1 Space Marine Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle
  • 5 Space Marine Heavy INtercessors
  • 1 Necron Chronomancer
  • 5 Necron Flayed Ones

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