We run many casual Magic the Gathering events throughout the week. Refer to the table below to see our schedule.

Week Day Start Time Format Entry
Tuesday 7:00 pm Draft $12
Wednesday 7:00 pm SCG Game Night — Standard $5
Thursday 7:00 pm Modern Constructed $5
Friday 7:00 pm FNM Standard $5
Friday 7:00 pm FNM Commander Free

Tuesday Draft Format

Tuesday drafts are run in 8 person single elimination pods. First place receives 5 packs of the draft set and second place receives 3 packs of the draft set.

Weekday Constructed Events

We play 4 rounds of swiss followed by a cut to top 8. There will be only one round of playoffs.


Fewer than 17 Players
Store Credit split among top 4.

17 or More Players
1st - 4th will split approximately 60% of the store credit pool.
5th - 8th will split approximately 40% of the store credit pool.

Star City Games Game Night Additional Prizes

Top 8 receive a foil token.
1st place gets a pin.

Weekly Constructed Events

The prize pool is determined by the number of entrants into the tournament. If there are 16 or fewer people, the prize is awarded to the top 4 players as store credit. If there are 17 or more people, the prize is awarded to the top 8 players as store credit.