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Necromunda: Underhive

Necromunda: Underhive

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Box Contents

  • 104 page rule book
  • 9 double-sided card tiles
  • 7 plastic hatches
  • 9 plastic barricades
  • 5 plastic loot crates
  • Deck of 70 game cards
  • Range rule
  • 16 Necromunda dice
  • 20 plastic Citadel Miniatures

House Goliath

Masters of the furnace and of metal, the vat-grown subjects of House Goliath are incredibly strong and tough, if short-lived and mentally unbalanced. The gangers that fight in the name of House Goliath are hulking, muscle-bound brutes and their weapons are as strong, blunt, and brutal as they are.

  • 2 Gang Leaders/Champions
  • 8 gangers

House Escher

Producers of the finest combat stimulants, poisons, and gene-hancing elixirs in the galaxy, the vast majority of House Escher's subjects are female due to the dabbling in alchemical technologies that has enfeebled its men-folk. The House's gangers favor the poisoned stiletto knife and choking chem-thrower, and are as fast and agile as they are striking and cruel.

  • 2 Gang Leaders/Champions
  • 8 Gangers
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