Skaven: Plagueclaw/Warp Lightning Cannon

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The Warp Lightning Cannon is a weapon of pure destruction. Created by the engineers of Clan Skryre, it has the power to tear apart units and monsters with ease.

The Warp Lightning Cannon model comprises of a huge timber frame and several wheels of varying size, the wood for which is noticeably rickety and precarious. It is bolted together with numerous metal plates and rivets, and tuned by cogs and screws. The cannon itself is a large esoteric metal barrel bearing Skaven iconography. A large chunk of warpstone sits at the centre of the cannon, while a smaller piece stands at the tip. The kit also comes with two sets of crew to represent either Clan Skryre or Clan Pestilens, making it wonderful addition to any collection.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components and one Citadel 120mm Oval base, with which to make a Warp Lightning Cannon or Plagueclaw Catapult.

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