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Warhammer The Old World

Tomb Kings of Khemri: Nekaph, Emissary of Settra

Tomb Kings of Khemri: Nekaph, Emissary of Settra

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Nekaph was a formidable man in life, renowned for his enormous physique, peerless strength and unwavering loyalty to his master – Settra, the Imperishable. In death, the King's Herald can still be found where the fighting is thickest, proclaiming his lord's will, announcing his many titles, and striking down his most prominent foes with murderous swings from the Flail of Conquered Kings.

This multipart resin kit builds Nekaph, Emissary of Settra – the most famous herald sworn to any Tomb King of Khemri. He stands atop an impressive scenic base teeming with desert creatures, and carries a trailing scroll to bellow out the proclamations of the Great King of Nehekhara, striking terror into the most stout-hearted enemies. Nekaph wields the Flail of Conquered Kings, tipped with the gold-cast skulls of defeated monarchs, making him more than a match for any enemy champion.

This kit contains eight resin components, and a Citadel 25mm Square Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Color paints.
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