Yu-Gi-Oh! Home Page

Gamescape is the premier Yu-Gi-Oh! store in Tallahassee, FL. Whether you're a casual player looking to play in a fun environment with your friends or a competitive player, we have tournaments to suit your playstyle. Look at our weekly events for our schedule of casual events. If you are a competitive player or a casual player who is ready to test the competitive waters, view our premier events page for Regionals, OTS Championships, and Battle City tournaments.

If you need to purchase individual Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, we have that too. You can browse our entire inventory online. You can choose to pay online or pay when you come into our store. You can also order online and pick up at our store saving yourself shipping costs.

We have certified judges on staff as well as judges that regularly play at our events. If you are not sure how a particular card interaction works, one of our judges will gladly assist you. You can also be confident that you will get a fair ruling at our competitive tournaments because of our experienced judges.

You can also follow our premier events online via our live streaming channel. If your friends could not make it, they can still watch you crush your opponents. You can also use it as learning tool by replaying the videos and watching for play mistakes. Of course a pro player like yourself may not need it, but you might know someone who does.