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Gamegenic: Playmat Tube - Blue

Gamegenic: Playmat Tube - Blue

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Keep your playmats organized and protected. The Playmat Tube provides a secure storage solution for stitched and unstitched playmats in vibrant, semi-transparent colors. A hexagonal shape keeps the tube from rolling around on the table. The cap is made out of a flexible material and can be easily taken off, whilst still creating a tight seal to prevent the playmat from falling out accidentally, even when shaken. The Playmat Tube is made from shock- and scratch-resistant PETG and has a reinforced base to withstand heavy pressure.



Unique hexagonal shape avoids rolling from the table.

Perfect for standard-sized playmats

Holds extra-large or particularly thick playmats

Snug fit with flexible cap that can be easily taken off

Reinforced base can withstand heavy pressure

Also ideal for protecting artwork or maps Acid-free, no PVC

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