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Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield: Playmat + Tube Demon Hunters

Dragon Shield: Playmat + Tube Demon Hunters

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Embark on an epic adventure with the Demon Hunters Yuki and Kuzuha as they track down twisted souls trapped in their demon form. Only when touched by the magic of Yuki's bell-Katana can these tortured souls be released. Prowling through the fallen cherry blossom petals, Yuki and Kuzuha seek to release the souls captured within the twisted demons, adding a rich layer of storytelling and fantasy to your gameplay.

Featuring breathtaking artwork by the renowned Japanese artist Ryo Kamei, this playmat not only sets the scene for your battles but also immerses you in a world of mystical lore and heroic quests. The artwork, painted in delicate shades of pink and light nuances, beautifully captures the ethereal and haunting journey of the Demon Hunters.

Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, the playmat boasts a silky smooth surface texture, ensuring that your cards glide effortlessly. The non-slip rubber bottom guarantees that your playmat will stay in place, providing a stable and reliable foundation for your adventures. The premium stitched-edge enhances durability, ensuring that your playmat will withstand countless battles and quests.

For the wandering adventurer, our sturdy art tube offers convenient storage and transport, allowing you to take your playmat on all your quests without any hassle. The playmat lays flat straight away without any annoying curls or wrinkles, so you are always ready for battle, wherever your journey takes you.

Measuring 61x35 cm when laid flat, this playmat is the perfect companion for your gaming table, offering ample space for your cards and accessories. Whether you are battling fierce demons or embarking on a new quest, the Demon Hunters Yuki and Kuzuha playmat will transport you to a world where every game is a legendary adventure. Unleash the magic, embrace the lore, and let the adventure begin!

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