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Old School Dice & Accessories

Old School Dice: Dragon's Vault Green

Old School Dice: Dragon's Vault Green

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Awesome dice & accessories need protection! The Dragon's Vault does just that.

This premium gaming case is specially made for the serious gamer. You can store dice, pens-pencils and gaming figures. It features a slot across the top where you can put various gaming cards for view. It also doubles as a rolling tray that is attached to the main case with magnets! So be the envy of your next gaming session and bring your accessories with the Dragon's Vault.


* Doubles as a rolling tray, that attaches to the main case with magnets

* Carry up to 3 full standard size dice sets

* Two dragon skin lined compartments for miniatures storage and/or rolling

* Area for pens, pencils or markers storage

* Heavy-duty magnets for strong a seal

* Has insert at the top to place Gaming Cards

* Works great to carry all your accessories for RPG's, DND, Warhammer, Board Games and most other tabletop games

* Dimensions: 10 inch box x 4.6in X 1.25 inch height

* Made of sturdy but light bamboo
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