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Old School Dice & Accessories

Old School Dice: Dragon's Fury Dice Tower - Green Dragon

Old School Dice: Dragon's Fury Dice Tower - Green Dragon

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The Story of 'Dragon's Fury'...                                                                                           

Beneath a canopy of emerald leaves, Viridra, a colossal green dragon, descended upon a fortified tower. Its breath carried a toxic mist, challenging the defenders' resilience. Guards, clad in verdant armor, faced the imminent threat with unwavering determination. Arrows flew, and spells collided in a vibrant display. Despite the venomous onslaught, the defenders, tapping into nature's strength, held their ground. Recognizing the formidable defense, Viridra, with a thunderous roar, retreated into the lush wilderness, leaving the tower standing, a symbol of nature's resilience.

Roll with confidence using this amazingly crafted, hand-painted, 'Dragon's Fury' dice tower! In this design, a menacing dragon is attacking a stone tower, and putting its inhabitants in harm's way. This tower come with an additional tray and can fit dice up to 25mm! The 'Dragon's Fury' dice tower makes an incredible addition for any DnD/RPG game. We back our products! Each fabulous dice tower is hand checked to make sure that you are getting the highest quality. Our dice towers work great for RPG's such as DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and other games.


*Hand painted

*Fits up to 25mm dice

*Additional tray to roll into

*Dice exit Dragon's mouth

*Made of sturdy polyresin material

*Dimensions 7" tall, 5" wide, 7 3/4" deep

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