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Old School Dice: Sharp Edged D20 Liquid Infused Crimson Fury

Old School Dice: Sharp Edged D20 Liquid Infused Crimson Fury

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The legend of the Liquid 'Fury' Orb...

In the fantastical realm of Eldoria, a legendary orb brimmed with glistening liquid awaited intrepid adventurers. When rolled on the eve of perilous quests, its enchanting glow heralded fortune's embrace. Bold warriors sought its luck, feeling destiny shift with each spin. Battles swayed in their favor, and elusive treasures unveiled themselves. Tales echoed through the realm, immortalizing the magical orb as a cherished companion on every adventurer's journey, where luck flowed like liquid courage, guiding them to triumph.

Old School Dice & Accessories is proud to announce our new 'Liquid Infused' Fury D20's! Each die has a special liquid core that is mixed with different effects. The first releases have glitter infused within to give a spectacular look with each roll! Also, each D20 has our exclusive dragon head logo on it, as a warning to other players not to mess with your stuff! So be the envy of your next gaming session and get your Old School Dice 'Liquid Infused' dice today!


Great for DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and other RPG's and minis games

D20 is 22mm

Exclusive dragon head logo in place of the '20'

Strong & vibrant colors with clear lettering

Liquid filled core

Glitter infused

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