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Warhammer 40K: Index - Space Wolves (10th Edition)

Warhammer 40K: Index - Space Wolves (10th Edition)

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35x Space Wolves Datasheet Cards

  • Arjac Rockfist
  • Bjorn the Fell-handed
  • Blood Claws
  • Canis Wolfborn
  • Cyberwolf
  • Fenrisian Wolves
  • Grey Hunters
  • Harald Deathwolf
  • Hounds of Morkai
  • Iron Priest
  • Krom Dragongaze
  • Logan Grimnar
  • Logan Grimnar on Stormrider
  • Long Fangs
  • Lukas the Trickster
  • Murderfang
  • Njal Stormcaller
  • Ragnar Blackmane
  • Skyclaws
  • Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought
  • Stormfang Gunship
  • Stormwolf
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry
  • Ulrik the Slayer
  • Wolf Guard
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf
  • Wolf Guard Pack Leader
  • Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator Armour
  • Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Jump Pack
  • Wolf Guard Terminators
  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf
  • Wolf Scouts
  • Wulfen
  • Wulfen Dreadnought

3x Space Wolves Index Cards, detailing the Champions of Russ Detachment

1x Space Wolves Armoury Card

All cards are 190mm x 126mm.

This set is intended to be combined with Index: Space Marines, available separately, for a complete range of units and rules.

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